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CD Oxford English for Information Technology. Second Edition

CD Oxford English for Information Technology. Second Edition
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Артикул: 00-00002470
Автор: Eric H. Glendinning, John McEwan
Издательство: Oxford (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-0-19-457495-2
Год: 2006
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A serious-minded but easy-to-use course for IT students.
Who is it for?
Students of computing and IT at universities, technical and vocational institutes, and adult education programmes.
In-work professionals specializing in computing and IT, who wish to upgrade their knowledge of English.
Key features
25 topic-based units each cover a key area of IT. There are a variety of authentic, interesting and topical texts and visual material, taken from textbooks, newspapers, computing magazines, web pages, manuals, and advertisements.
The course revises and practises grammar and functions appropriate to the needs of IT specialists at intermediate level.
The course develops all four skills, with the main emphasis on reading. Most units end with longer specialist reading texts. These are intentionally challenging, and can be used either for homework or self-study.
The tasks - such as writing, exchanging information, and problem solving - encourage learners to combine their subject knowledge with their growing knowledge of English.


UNIT 1 Computer Users
Task3 Primary school teacher
Open University student

UNIT 4 Peripherals
Task 4 Part 1
Task 5 Part 2

UNIT 5 Interview: Former Student
Task 2 Part 1
Task 3 Part 2
Task 4 Part3

UNIT 10 Interview: Computing Support Officer
Task 2 Part 1
Task3 Part 2
Task 4 Part3

UNIT 13 The World Wide Web
Task 4

UNIT 15 Interview: Webpage Creator

UNIT 16 Communications Systems
Task 6

UNIT 17 Computing Support

UNIT 20 Interview: The ex-hacker
Task3 Part 1
Task 4 Part 2

UNIT 21 Software Engineering
Task 4

UNIT 24 The Future of IT
Task 9 Speaker A
Speaker В
Speaker С

UNIT 25 Interviews: Electronic Publishing
Task3 1 Telecommunications engineer
2 Author
3 An e-publisher
4 Developer of an ebook reader
5 Keen reader

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