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New Cutting Edge Elementary. Workbook (no key)

New Cutting Edge Elementary. Workbook (no key)
Цена: 607 
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Артикул: 00-00003851
Автор: Peter Moon
Издательство: PEARSON (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-0-582-82504-8
Год: 2013
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Вес: 231 г
Страниц: 96
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New Cutting Edge Elementary Workbook consolidates and extends the language taught in the Students’ Book.
Grammar exercises give students useful practice and build confidence
Vocabulary boosters and Wordspots build on the lexical areas covered in the Students’ Book
Listen and read and Improve your writing sections develop skills
Pronunciation sections focus on the sounds and the features of natural speech
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Module 1
Names and countries
Personal information: be
Vocabulary booster: More countries and nationalities
is or are
Negative sentences
Short answers
Possessive adjectives
Indefinite article: a(n)
Vocabulary: Jobs
be: personal questions
Listen and read: People from different places
Punctuation: Capital letters
Improve your writing: Addresses in English
Pronunciation: /о/, /ei/ and /ai/
Module 2
Identifying objects: this, that, these, those
a/an or no article with objects and plurals
have/has got
Questions and short answers
’s = is or has
Adjectives and nouns
Vocabulary booster: More everyday objects
Vocabulary: Family vocabulary
Listen and read: A famous family
Spelling: Plurals
Pronunciation: The sounds /s/ and /z/
Question words
Improve your writing: Combining sentences
Writing about your family
Module 3
Vocabulary: Common verbs
Present Simple: Questions
Positive and negative
Questions and short answers
Vocabulary booster: Buildings
Listen and read: Studying in South Korea
Vocabulary: Opposites Telling the time
Prepositions of time: in, at or to
Vocabulary: Daily routines
Subject and object pronouns
Pronunciation: The letter i
Improve your writing: Commas, full stops, and and but too, both and neither
Module 4
Present simple: Spelling
Present simple with he/she/it
Short answers
Positives and negatives
Vocabulary booster: Everyday activities
like, love, hate + -ing
Listen and read: An Englishman’s home
Adverbs of frequency
Activity verbs
Word order: frequency adverbs, auxiliaries
Pronunciation: Plural nouns with /s/, /z/ and /iz/
Asking politely
Improve your writing: A paragraph about a friend
Module 5
Vocabulary: Means of transport
Prepositions can/can't
Short answers
Articles: a and the most, a lot of, some, not many
Listen and read: Transport statistics
Real life: Catching planes and trains
Asking questions
Pronunciation: The letter a
Vocabulary booster: On a plane
Improve your writing: Completing an immigration form
Module 6
Countable and uncountable nouns
Vocabulary: Food there is / there are
Short answers some and any some, any, a(n) and no
Vocabulary booster: Vegetables and other things to eat
Listen and read: Fish cakes
Questions with how much and how many
Ordering food and drink
Vocabulary: a cup of, a glass of, a bottle of
Pronunciation: Sentence stress
Improve your writing: Describing food
Module 7
Past simple: was/were
Short answers
Vocabulary: Years, decades and centuries
Past simple: Spelling of -ed endings
Regular verbs Irregular verbs
Prepositions of time
Pronunciation: Past tense endings
Past simple: Regular and irregular verbs
Ordinal numbers
Time phrases
Vocabulary booster: Common verbs
Listen and read: The strange soldier
Vocabulary: Life stories
Improve your writing: Time linkers: before, after, then
Module 8
Vocabulary: Types of film
Adjectives to describe films
Common verbs in the past tense
Past Simple: Negative
Short answers
Question words
Past simple: Positive, negative and questions
Pronunciation: Past forms
Vocabulary booster: Books, magazines, newspapers
Listen and read: National heroes and heroines
Arranging a night out
Improve your writing: A diary
Module 9
Adjectives: Opposites
Comparative adjectives
Superlative adjectives
Comparative and superlative adjectives
Pronunciation: Comparatives
One and ones
Vocabulary: Shops and shopping
Listen and read: Intelligent machines
Improve your writing: Describing a place
Vocabulary booster: A supermarket
Asking in shops
Module 10
Spelling: -ing forms
Present continuous
Question words
Short answers
All forms
Present continuous and Present simple
Vocabulary: Describing people
Listen and read: Street style ’s
Real Life: Street talk
Improve your writing: Correcting mistakes
Pronunciation: Stress in questions
Module 11
canlcan’t for ability
Questions and short answers
Question words
Word order in questions
Questions with other verb forms
Vocabulary booster: Animals
Listen and read: The animal world
More about numbers
Pronunciation: Numbers Articles
Improve your writing: Punctuation
Module 12
Future plans: going to
want to
Short answers would like to and want to
Future forms
Word combinations
Suggestions and offers
Pronunciation: I’ll, we’ll
Vocabulary booster: At the beach
Future time expressions
Listen and read: World weather report
Vocabulary: The weather
Talking about the weather
Improve your writing: Write about a holiday place
Module 13
Vocabulary: Education and learning
might and might not
will and won’t (probably)
might (not), will and won’t
Pronunciation: Contracted forms
Listen and read: The five ages of English
Vocabulary booster: In an Internet cafe
Infinitive of purpose
Infinitives with and without to
Improve your writing: Abbreviations (Mr, Mrs, Dr, n/a)
Module 14
Vocabulary: Ways of communicating
Irregular past participles
Present perfect
Positive and negative
Questions and short answers
Pronunciation: Past participles
Spelling: Regular past participles
Time words with the
Present perfect
Word order
Time words with the
Present perfect and Past simple
Real life: Telephoning
Vocabulary booster: The post
Improve your writing: Writing a note
Module 15
Vocabulary: Things in a town
Prepositions of movement have to, don’t have to
Questions and short answers have to, don’t have to, can, can’t
Listen and read: Unusual places to visit
Real life: Following directions
Vocabulary booster: A shopping centre
Vocabulary: Adjectives to describe towns
Spelling and pronunciation: Silent letters
Improve your writing: A postcard

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