Модель-копия из бумаги корабля Stefan Batory
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Модель-копия из бумаги корабля Stefan Batory

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Артикул: 00810139
Место изготовления: Польша
Год: 2006

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The history of Stefan Baton began in 1948 when the Dutch ship owner Holland America Line (HAL) ordered at Wilton-Fijenoord Shipyard in Schiedam three passenger and cargo ship for north American line. To reduce the costs, projects of American typical hull of war freighter of type "C-3" and of propulsion device for these units were used. First new ship - Diemerdijk - was commissioned in 1950. Next two ships Rijndam and Maasdam were built according to slightly changed projects. Rijndam was built very quickly and commissioned on 16 July 1951. Maasdam was started on 19 December 1950, launched on 5 April and finished on 15 July 1952. On 10 August 1952 she commissioned by the ship owner. Maiden voyage began on 11 August. After Atlantic passage she called at a harbour of Montreal (majority of 880 passengers disembarked there) and left for New York. Both ships started regular service on Holland-New York route and after the passengers season - cruises to Caribbean Sea. The ships turned out to be very economical and popular among the passengers. Their success resulted in 1955 in ordering next ship of this type named Statendam.

In 1957 the numbers of passengers travelling on north Atlantic route by ship and by plane were even. In 1964 ships carried only 17 per cent of passengers and Maasdam owner decided to reorganize. Rijndam was sent to round-the-world line to replace decommissioned ships Willem Ruys and Oranje. In October 1965 Maasdam joined Rijndam on this route, but the line wasn't profitable. Last trip around the world of Maasdam took place between 7 January and 3 April 1968. The ships on the Canadian line were 85 per cent full but it was rather caused by the fact that except Maasdam there were only two other Canadian Pacific ships -Soviet Alexander Pushkin and Polish Batory. Luckily for the Dutch owner at this time Poles were looking for a successor for Batory.
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Инструкция по сборке моделей на английском и на польском языке.
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