New Headway. Intermediate. Workbook with key (the third edition) Liz and John Soars
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New Headway. Intermediate. Workbook with key (the third edition)

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New Headway. Intermediate. Workbook with key (the third edition)
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Артикул: 00312787
Автор: Liz and John Soars
Издательство: Oxford (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-0-19-438754-5
Год: 2010
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Вес: 190 г
Страниц: 96

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New Headway Intermediate. The world's most trusted English course.New Headways the course teachers and learners can rely on. Why? An authoritative integrated syllabus, motivating topics, and clearly focused tasks, combine with a real understanding of what works in the classroom. It all makes for effective teaching and effective learning.

Tried and tested all over the world, it's probably the most popular course ever written!What's different about the new edition of New Headway Intermediate? New. Streamlined units for faster progress. New. Up-to-date texts with global appeal. New. Revised tasks and Grammar Spots to challenge the Intermediate learner. New. Maximum clarity with a fresh, modern design.Plus:Optional Student's

Workbook cassette/CD for extra listening practice.Free-standing pronunciation course with cassette/CD.Online resources: interactive exercises for students available online at.

Издание на английском языке

Unit 1
Auxiliary verbs
1 The forms of be, do, and have
2 Full verb or auxiliary verb?
3 Contracted forms
4 My computer's gone wrong!
5 Making questions
6 Replying with questions
7 Negatives and short answers
Grammar revision
8 have/havegot
9 Word formation

10 Words that go together
11 Grammar words
12 Word stress
13 Phonetic script
14 Verb + preposition

Unit 2
Present Simple
1 Lives around the world
2 Sentence completion
3 Questions
4 Negatives
Pronunciation revision
5 -s at the end of a word
Present states and actions
6 Present Simple and Present Continuous
7 Present Simple or Present Continuous?
8 Adverbs of frequency
Present passive
9 Past participles
10 Active or passive?
11 Opposite adjectives
Phrasal verbs
12 look and be

Unit 3
Past Simple and Past Continuous
1 A sad story
2 Correcting facts
3 Past Simple or Past Continuous?
4 A holiday in Florida
5 What was he doing? What did he do?
Grammar revision
6 while, during, and for
Past Perfect
7 Regular and irregular verbs
8 Choosing the correct tense
9 Sentence completion

10 had or would?.
Past passive
11 Biographies
12 Past passive
13 was, were, did, or had?
14 Adverbs
15 Words that sound the same
Prepositions revision
16 in, at, on for time

Unit 4
have to I don't have to
1 What do they have to do?
2 Forms of have to
can and be allowed to
3 Who says?
4 Conversations asking permission
5 Giving advice
must and have to
6 must or have to?.
7 mustn't or don't have to?.
8 Talking about obligation
9 Word formation
10 Correcting wrong information
Phrasal verbs
11 Separable or inseparable?

Unit 5
Future forms 1
1 will or going to?
2 Where are they going?
3 I'm sure they'll...
4 Making offers
Future forms 2
5 Making arrangements
6 Choosing the correct form
Grammar revision
7 somebody, nobody, anybody, everybody
8 make or do?
9 Vowel sounds and spelling
Prepositions revision
10 in, at, on for place

Unit 6
1 Questions with like
2 like or would like?
Grammar revision
3 like and as
Verb patterns
4 Choosing the correct form
5 -ing forms
6 Infinitive or -ing form?
7 Using a dictionary
8 Antonyms and synonyms
9 Sentence stress
Phrasal verbs
10 Phrasal verb + object

Unit 7
Present Perfect
1 How many did she...? How many has she...?
2 Choosing the correct tense
3 Conversations
4 been от gone?
5 Time expressions
6 Talking about you
7 Correcting mistakes
Tense review
8 Curriculum vitae
Present Perfect passive
9 Active or passive?
10 Two newspaper stories
11 Words with more than one meaning
12 Word stress
13 Noun + preposition

Unit 8
Conditionals 1 and time clauses
1 Matching
2 Conversations
3 Zero conditional
4 Time clauses
5 Second conditional
6 First or second conditional?
7 Correcting mistakes
8 I'd rather...
9 Money
10 Ways of pronouncing oo
11 Ways of pronouncing ou
Phrasal verbs
12 Phrasal verbs with more than one meaning

Unit 9
Modal verbs of probability in the present
1 Matching
2 Why is he late?
3 The continuous infinitive
Modal verbs of probability in the past
4 must have, might have, may have
5 Changing sentences
6 A poem
7 Word formation
8 Connected speech
9 Shifting stress
10 Adjective + preposition

Unit 10
Present Perfect Continuous
1 Present Perfect Simple or Continuous?
2 Replying with questions
Simple and Continuous revision
3 Matching
4 Simple or Continuous?
Time expressions
5 When Richard met Heather
6 Suffixes and prefixes
7 Diphthongs
8 Prepositions of time

Unit 11
Indirect questions
1 Yes/No questions
2 Wh- questions
3 Do you know where...?
4 Newspaper headlines
5 Visiting a city
Grammar revision
6 Questions with a preposition at the end
Question tags
7 Complete the tag
8 What do you say?
9 Conversations
Vocabulary and pronunciation
10 A poem
11 Onomatopoeic words
Phrasal verbs
12 Common phrasal verbs

Unit 12
Reported statements and questions
1 An argument
2 But you said...
3 Reporting words and thoughts
Reported commands
4 She advised me to...
5 ask and tell
6 Other reporting verbs
7 speak and talk
8 Birth, death, and marriage
9 Word stress

10 had or would?
Phrasal verbs
11 Phrasal verbs with two particles

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