Macmillan English Grammar In Context. Essential with key + CD Clarke Simon
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Macmillan English Grammar In Context. Essential with key + CD

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Macmillan English Grammar In Context. Essential with key + CD
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Автор: Clarke Simon
Издательство: Oxford (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-1-4050-70515
Год: 2008
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 232

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Author's acknowledgements

This book has been a long time in the writing and there are many people I am grateful to for their help and support.First and foremost 1 must thank David Riley for asking me to do it in the first place. Another person to whom I owe a huge debt of thanks is Roy Norris who went through the manuscript, corrected a great deal of my errors and made numerous suggestions on how to improve things. There have been several editors and publishers who have worked on the book at different stages. Catriona Watson-Brown, Penny Hands, Gillian Francis, Carl Robinson, Amanda Holmbrook and Sarah Curtis were all generous in their help and support. On a more local note 1 would like to thank friends and colleagues at Lacunza-IH San Sebastian for their ideas and advice, particularly Philip Rickett who always seemed ready to discuss things like prepositions and how to teach them at the drop of a hat, and whose enthusiasm for grammar was infectious. Finally, my long suffering wife and two sons have continued to put up with me over the years and I thank them for their understanding and patience.

This book is designed to teach and revise grammar points at the level of Council of Europe Framework (CEF) Al, A2 and includes some Bl grammar.

The practice material includes a wide range of topics to reflect both everyday language use and the kinds of subjects learners might be studying in schools or colleges. Many learners are likely to use English to learn another subject during their education and the choice of text tries to reflect this fact. Some texts contain information which learners should find interesting or challenging. The intention in general is that language should have a familiar context and that learners should have something to use language for.

Within each unit, exercises range in difficulty. This allows learners to build up their confidence with the simpler, more familiar tasks before moving onto the more challenging ones later in the unit. The longer, topic-based texts include highlighted words whose definitions can be found on the accompanying CD-ROM. This is a good opportunity for learners to widen their vocabulary and see grammar used in realistic contexts.

The Review section at the back of the book offers more activities for students who have finished the other exercises. It is also for students who feel that they haven't fully grasped the grammar point and need some further practice. In addition, it can be used as a means of testing or revising previous study, either in class or at home.

This includes two further exercises for each unit in this book, and a test section.
Plus, where you see highlighted words like this, you will find the definitions in the glossary section. Just follow the link from the homepage.

To the student
Macmillan English Grammar In Context has been written to make grammar more interesting than other books on the market. We hope you find it enjoyable as well as useful. If you are studying at home, the units can be covered in any order but the exercises within each unit have been graded. If you find some exercises difficult, read the presentation page again. The extension activities and Review offer the opportunity of further practice.

To the teacher
Unlike many other grammar books, Macmillan English Grammar In Context puts grammar into context. The aim is to encourage students to see grammar used more realistically and in more interesting ways. The topics covered in the exercises can be used as a starting point for a lesson, as a subject for discussion, and as a means of helping to build students' vocabulary in useful areas. There is opportunity for individual study, group work and homework, plus testing, in the different sections of the book.

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1 the verb to be (1)

2 the verb to be (2)

3 there is, there are

4 there isn't, there aren't

5 present simple (1)

6 present simple (2)

7 present continuous (1)

8 present continuous (2)

9 asking questions: present

10 past simple (1)

11 past simple (2)

12 past continuous (1)

13 past continuous (2)

14 present perfect simple

15 present perfect with for and since

16 present perfect continuous

17 asking questions - past

18 the future: making predictions

19 the future: plans and decisions

20 asking questions - future

21 have (got)

22 can and could

23 must, have to, should

24 must, may, might, could, can

25 passives

26 conditionals (1)

27 conditionals (2)

28 used to

29 like

30 purpose

31 defining relative clauses

32 reported speech (1)

33 reported speech (2)

34 infinitive or -ing form?

35 the infinitive

36 verbs and objects

37 linking words (1)

38 linking words (2)

39 indirect and polite questions

40 of and possessive 's

41 pronouns

42 indefinite pronouns

43 countable and uncountable nouns

44 quantity

45 articles

46 all, every, each, both

47 adjectives

48 adverbs of manner

49 comparatives and superlatives (1)

50 comparatives and superlatives (2)

51 enough, too

52 time expressions

53 in, at, on

54 movement

55 dependent prepositions (1)

56 dependent prepositions (2)

57 phrasal verbs

List of irregular verbs
Grammar index
Answer key

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