The brother Karamazov Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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The brother Karamazov

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The brother Karamazov
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Артикул: 00809725
Автор: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Издательство: Dover Publications, inc. (все книги издательства)
Место издания: New York
ISBN: 0-486-43791-4
Год: 2005
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 718

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Книга на французском языке

"Братья Карамазовы". Достоевский Ф.М.

"The Brothers Karamazov" is a murder mystery, a courtroom drama, and an exploration of erotic rivalry in a series of triangular love affairs involving Karamazov and his three sons - the impulsive and sensual Dmitri; the coldly rational Ivan; and the healthy young novice Alyosha. Through the gripping events of their story, Dostoevsky portrays the social and spiritual strivings in what was both a golden age and a tragic turning point in Russian culture.

PART ONE Book I: The History of a Family
1. Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov
2. He Gets Rid of His Eldest Son
3. The Second Marriage and the Second Family
4. The Third Son,Alyosha
5. Elders

Book II: An Unfortunate Gathering
1. They Arrive at the Monastery
2. The Old Buffoon
3. Peasant Women Who Have Faith
4. A Lady of Little Faith
5. So Be It! So Be It!
6. Why Is Such a Man Alive?
7. A Young Man Bent on a Career
8. The Scandalous Scene

Book III: The Sensualists
1. In the Servants' Quarters
2. Lizaveta
3. The Confession of a Passionate Heart-in Verse
4. The Confession of a Passionate Heart-in Anecdote
5. The Confession of a Passionate Heart-"Heels Up"
6. Smerdyakov
7. The Controversy
8. Over the Brandy
9. The Sensualists
10. Both Together
11. Another Reputation Ruined

Book IV: Lacerations
1. Father Ferapont
2. At His Father's
3. A Meeting with the Schoolboys
4. At the Hohlakovs'
5. A Laceration in the Drawing Room
6. A Laceration in the Cottage
7. And in the Open Air

Book V: Pro and Contra
1. The Engagement
2. Smerdyakov with a Guitar
3. The Brothers Make Friends
4. Rebellion
5. The Grand Inquisitor
6. For a While a Very Obscure One
7. "It's Always Worth While Speaking to a Clever Man"

Book VI: The Russian Monk
1. Father Zosima and His Visitors
2. Notes of the Life of the Deceased Priest and Monk, the Elder Zosima, Taken from His Own Words by Alexey Fyodorovich Karamazov
3. Conversations and Exhortations of Father Zosima

PART THREE Book VII: Alyosha
1. The Breath of Corruption
2. A Critical Moment
3. An Onion
4. Cana of Galilee

Book VIII: Mitya
1. Kuzma Samsonov
2. Lyagavy
3. Gold Mines
4. In the Dark
5. A Sudden Resolution
6. "I Am Coming,Too!"
7. The First and Rightful Lover
8. Delirium

Book IX: The Preliminary Investigation
1. The Beginning of Perhotin's Official Career
2. The Alarm
3. The Sufferings of a Soul. The First Ordeal
4. The Second Ordeal
5. The Third Ordeal
6. The Prosecutor Catches Mitya
7. Mitya's Great Secret. Received with Hisses
8. The Evidence of the Witnesses. The Babe
9. They Carry Mitya Away

PART FOUR Book X: The Boys
1. Kolya Krasotkin
2. Children
3. The Schoolboy
4. The Lost Dog
5. By Ilyusha's Bedside
6. Precocity
7. Ilyusha

Book XI: Ivan
1. At Grushenka's
2. The Injured Foot
3. A Little Demon
4. A Hymn and a Secret
5. Not You, Not You!
6. The First Interview with Smerdyakov
7. The Second Visit to Smerdyakov
8. The Third and Last Interview with Smerdyakov
9. The Devil. Ivan's Nightmare
10. "It Was He Who Said That"

Book XII: A Judicial Error
1. The Fatal Day
2. Dangerous Witnesses
3. The Medical Experts and a Pound of Nuts
4. Fortune Smiles on Mitya
5. A Sudden Catastrophe
6. The Prosecutor's Speech. Sketches of Character
7. A Historical Survey
8. A Treatise on Smerdyakov
9. The Galloping Troika. The End of the Prosecutor's Speech
10. The Speech for the Defense. An Argument That Cuts Both Ways
11. There Was No Money. There Was No Robbery
12. And There Was No Murder Either
13. A Corrupter of Thought
14. The Peasants Stand Firm

1. Plans for Mitya's Escape
2. For a Moment the Lie Becomes Truth
3. Ilyusha's Funeral. The Speech at the Stone
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