Cutting Edge Elementary. Student's book+ key Sara Kanningham
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Cutting Edge Elementary. Student's book+ key

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Cutting Edge Elementary. Student's book+ key
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Артикул: 00816180
Автор: Sara Kanningham
Издательство: Longman (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-0-582-82501-7
Год: 2010
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Вес: 515 г
Страниц: 176

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Cutting Edge is a multi-level general English course for adults and young adults. It combines rich international content, comprehensive grammar, and real-life functional language within a clear easy-to-teach structure.

Cutting Edge is a multi-level general English course for adults and young adults. It combines rich international content, comprehensive grammar, and real-life functional language within a clear easy-to-teach structure.

Cutting Edge includes these additional key features:

High-frequency, useful vocabulary
A special focus on phrases and language 'chunks' makes vocabulary easy to remember and easy to use.

Regular, well-structured speaking tasks
A straightforward structure of task preparation, performance and outcome develops students' speaking skills.

Complete teaching programme
- Unique Mini-dictionary helps train the learner to study independently.
- Teacher's Resource Books with a large bank of photocopiable activities, teacher's tips and alternative teaching suggestions.
- Videos and Video Activity Books with varied documentary-style features.
- Companion Website with extra resources, web links and chat facilities.

Module 0
What English do you know?

1 Common words
2 Numbers 0-21
3 Plurals
4 The alphabet
5 Pronouns and possessive adjectives
6 Numbers 1-100
7 Days of the week
8 Saying hello and goodbye
9 Classroom instructions

Module 1
People and places

1 be: names and countries
2 be: personal information
Pronunciation: short forms
3 Articles (1): a/an + jobs
4 be: personal questions
Pronunciation: Sentence stress in questions and short answers
Names and countries Pronunciation: Word stress
Nationalities Pronunciation: Word stress
Pronunciation: Word stress
Reading and listening:
General knowledge quiz

Module 2
u and yours

1 this, that, these, those
Pronunciation: this/dm/, that /baei/, these /o'wy and those /бэиг/
2 have got
3 Possessive 's
Everyday objects Pronunciation: Word stress
Family vocabulary
Reading and listening: My favourite thing Pronunciation: Short forms

Module 3
veryday life

1 Present simple questions
Pronunciation: Sentence stress in questions
2 Present simple (positive and negative)
Common verbs
Vocabulary and speaking:
Daily routines
Reading and vocabulary:
Life in Britain
Listening: Life in Australia

Module 4 Loves and hates

1 Present simple: he and she, like, questions
Pronunciation: Third person verb forms
2 Present simple questions: he and she
3 Activity verbs and adverbs of frequency
Listening: Celebrity loves and hates
Reading: An American star in London and a British star in Hollywood

Module 5 Getting from A to В

1 can and can't
Pronunciation: can and can't
2 Articles (2): a/an, the and zero
Vocabulary and reading:
Listening and vocabulary:
At the airport

Consolidation modules 1-5

Module 6
Eating and drinking
page 52
A Listening and speaking: Personal information
В Question words
С Listening: Information about times and prices
D can and can't
E Vocabulary: Alphabet quiz
1 There is and There are
Pronunciation: Linking
2 some and any Pronunciation: Sentence stress
3 How much and How many
Food (countable and uncountable nouns)
Listening: Breakfasts around the world
Reading and speaking:
Food: Facts and myths

Module 7
traordinary lives

1 Past simple: was and were
Pronunciation: Past forms of be
2 Past simple: regular and irregular verbs
Pronunciation: Regular past simple forms
Years, decades and centuries
Pronunciation: Sentence
Reading: An ordinary life an amazing idea
Listening: A true story
Module Language focus
Reading / Listening
Module 8
net or fiction?

1 Past simple negative forms
Pronunciation: Sentence stress
2 Past simple questions
Describing films Pronunciation: Word stress
Reading: Film facts!
Listening: The author behind the legend

Module 9
Buying and selling

1 Comparative adjectives
Pronunciation: Stressed and weak syllables
2 Superlative adjectives
Shops and shopping
Reading: The world's most famous markets

Module 10
Street life

1 Present continuous Pronunciation: The sound Ац/
2 Present simple or Present continuous?
Pronunciation: Vowel sounds
Vocabulary and writing:
Describing people
Listening: People who wear uniforms
Consolidation modules 6-10

Module 11
The world around us

A Grammar: Present simple, Present
continuous, Past simple В Reading and speaking: Snacks around the world С Speaking: Real life
D Listening: Song: Return to Sender
E Reading and speaking: Comparatives and
superlatives F Vocabulary: Word groups
1 can and can't for ability
Pronunciation: Sentence stress and weak forms
2 Question words
3 Use of articles (3)
Pronunciation: Different pronunciations of the
Animals and natural features
Reading: Amazing facts about the natural world
Listening: Man's best friends?

Module 12 1 Future intentions: going to, would like to
A weekend
and want to
Pronunciation: Weak form of to
2 Suggestions and offers
Pronunciation: Sounding polite
Vocabulary and speaking:
Going out and staying in
Module 13 Learning for the future;

odule 14
Keeping in touch

1 Infinitive of purpose
2 might and will
Pronunciation: Present and future forms
Vocabulary and speaking:
Education and careers
Pronunciation: Silent vowel
Reading: Easy English? Listening: My career
1 Present perfect
Pronunciation: Sentence stress
2 Time phrases with the Present perfect and Past simple
Ways of communicating
Reading: Getting in touch through the ages

1 Prepositions of movement
Going places
Pronunciation: Sentence stress
2 have to, don't have to, can and can't
Pronunciation: have to
Things in a town Pronunciation: Word stress
Listening: A tour of Edinburgh
Consolidation modules 11-15

A Verb practice
В Articles
С Writing and speaking
D Listening: Song: Trains and Boats and Planes E Vocabulary: Word groups
Communication activities pages
Irregular verbs
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