Excellent! 3 (Pupil's book) Coralyn Bradshaw
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Excellent! 3 (Pupil's book)

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Excellent! 3 (Pupil's book)
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Артикул: 00167231
Автор: Coralyn Bradshaw
Издательство: Longman (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
Серия: Excellent! (Все книги серии)
ISBN: 978-0-582-77846-7
Год: 2010
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Вес: 215 г
Страниц: 80

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Excellent! is a four-level Primary English course that offers the right level of challenge to help pupils achieve real results. Pupils practise the four skills from the beginning through tasks that relate to their own lives and stimulate their imaginations. Clear pair-work activities make learning more memorable and encourage collaboration in the classroom.

In Level 3:
- A motivating cartoon story (The Holiday Adventure) introduces key language and engages pupils' imaginations
- Excellent! Magazine pages provide extended reading and cultural information, as well as fun-to-make projects
- Talk Time pages in the Activity Book present useful, everyday language in realistic contexts
- Test Time pages in the Activity Book help prepare pupils for the Cambridge Young Learners exams: Movers/Flyers
- My Excellent Word Book (a pull-out booklet with stickers in the Activity Book) offers fun revision and a handy language reference

Level 3 includes:
- Pupils' Book
- Teacher's Guide
- Activity Book
- Class Cassettes

Main teaching points

Functional language - Approval: Great!/Lucky you!
good at .../not very good at... like + ...ing School subjects Playground games
should/shouldn't Ordinal numbers Common illnesses
Functional language - Concern and sympathy: What's the matter?/Poor you!
Functional language - Giving and accepting, expressing pleasure:
Happy birthday!/This is for you!/Thanks a lot!/Wow! (Amazing)
Imperatives for directions: Turn left/right at... Whose ...? mine/yours Town places
Functional language - Asking for help and clarification: Excuse me./Of course!/ What does ... mean? /It means...
Comparatives Common adjectives

Functional language - Asking for and expressing opinion: What did you think?/How was ... ?/ Brilliant!/Great/Fantastic!/Terrible!
Superlatives Dates (years) was born Art vocabulary

Functional language - Commands and suggestions: Look!/Quick!/Hide!/Let's ...

Functional language - Apology, offering something: Sorry!/It doesn't matter./ Have one of mine ...

Functional language - Saying goodbye: Goodbye./We'll miss you./l hope we'll see you again soon.
shall got to
Household tasks
Sports and holiday activities
Functional language - Offering to help: Shall I....?/ That's kind of you./Making suggestions: Shall we ... ?/Let's .../Good idea!
Prepositions of movement: across, through, into, out of, along, around, down, up, past How high/wide /long /far... ? Large numbers Landscape features
Functional language - Expressing feelings: What's the matter?/1 am so ...
Parts of a bike

Functional language - Urgency/encouragement: Come on!/We've got to hurry!/Don't worry!
Present perfect (life experiences)
too [big]
Functional language - Warnings: Watch out!/ Be careful!
Present perfect (recent events)
The sea
Compass points
Functional language - Anxiety and reassurance: Oh, no!/It's just/Don't be nervous.

Functional language - Requesting repetition: Slow down!/Can you speak slowly, please?
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