New Headway. Beginner. Student`s Book. Liz and John Soars
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New Headway. Beginner. Student`s Book.

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New Headway. Beginner. Student`s Book.
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Артикул: 00813266
Автор: Liz and John Soars
Издательство: Oxford (все книги издательства)
Год: 2009
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 144

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"New Headway" is the course teachers and learners can rely on. Why? An authoritative integrated syllabus, motivating topics, and clearly focused tasks combine with a real understanding of what works in the classroom. It all makes for effective teaching and effective learning. Tried and tested all over the world, it's probably the most popular course ever written!

What does New Headway Beginner offer?

Full-length foundation course for absolute beginners or near beginners lacking in confidence.

Grammar syllabus introducing past, present, and future time.
Vocabulary syllabus focusing on key, high-frequency items, avoiding unnecessary overload.

Manageable communicative activities putting language into context.
Staged step-by-step approach building on students' skills and confidence.
Clear, fresh design with plenty of photos and illustrations.

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I'm Sandra. My name's

Him. What's your name?

This is...

This is John Mason.

How are you?

Your world


he/she/they - his/her

What's his name? Where's she from?

They are in New York

Questions where, what

Personal information


Negatives, questions, and short answers

She isn't a nurse

I'm not from England.

We aren't married.

Are you from the United States?

Yes, she is./No, she isn't.

Family and friends

Possessive adjectives

our, their Possessive 's

Sally's husband

Kirsty's school


Tom has a very good job.

I have a small farm.

Questions and answers

how old, who

It's my life!

Present Simple


I like tennis.

/ don't speak Spanish.

Where do you live?

a and an a flat an actor

Every day

The time

It's nine o'clock.

It's two thirty.

Present Simple he/she/it

He gets up at six.

She lives in the country.

Questions and negatives

What time does he get up?

She doesn't work in an office.

Places i like

Object pronouns

it, them

I love them!


What's that?

this jacket

Questions and answers

how, what, who, where, why, how much, when, how many, because

Were i live

There is/are, any

There's a CD player. There are two lamps. Are there any photographs?


in, on, under, next to

Happy birthday!

Saying years

was/were born

When were you born?

I was born in 1986.

Past Simple - irregular verbs

went, bought, took
We had a good time!

Past Simple - regular and irregular

She cooked a meal. 1 got up late.

Questions and negatives

What did you do? I didn't do much.

Short answers Yes, he did. No, I didn't.

We can do it!


He can use a computer.

I can't speak Spanish.

Requests and offers

Can you tell me the time? Can I help you?

Thank you very much!

want, like, and would like

He wants a stamp.

I'd like a cup of coffee.

I'd like to buy a dictionary.

I like coffee.

Here and now

Present Simple and Present Continuous

He has lunch at 1.00. He's wearing a T-shirt.

Questions and negatives

What's she doing? He isn't working.
It's time to go!

Question words revision Present Continuous for future

We're going on holiday. Where are you staying?

Revision of tenses - present, past, and future
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