Журнал "Железнодорожное дело" № 3(56) 2008
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Журнал "Железнодорожное дело" № 3(56) 2008

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Артикул: 00809100
Издательство: Железнодорожное Дело (все книги издательства)
Место издания: Москва
Серия: Журнал Железнодорожное дело (Все книги серии)
Год: 2008
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 48

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Железнодорожный музей. Еще в 70-е годы прошлого столетия наши сограждане, в основном, не знали даже, что это такое. Действительно, лишь некоторые гости Северной столицы - города Ленинграда имели тогда возможность посетить ЦМЖТ - Центральный музей железнодорожного транспорта СССР, который располагался, да и сейчас, слава богу, располагается на улице Садовой, в доме 50.

Экспозиция музея, состоящая из прекрасных моделей и макетов, многим из которых уже к тому моменту минуло сто лет, конечно же, давала возможность представить, как устроена и работает, какую славную историю имеет железная дорога. Но, увы, даже этот музей, по сути единственный в стране, не давал возможности прикоснуться к железной дороге настоящей, с живыми паровозами и тепловозами, вагонами и семафорами, мостами и вокзалами. К сожалению, в те годы о музее, как теперь принято говорить "натурных образцов", мы могли лишь мечтать.

Помимо ЦМЖТ, на сети МПС было создано 266 музеев при различных структурах железнодорожного транспорта. Но, большинство из них были недоступны широкому кругу посетителей, и, кроме того, также не имели в своих экспозициях "настоящих" экспонатов - локомотивов и вагонов.

С. Пашинин
Музеи железных дорог. Истроия. Состояние. Работа... И судьба

Российские железные дороги: история в моделях
В. Брок
Праздник в Лихоборах

Л. Москалев
Торжество ТТ

Просто о друге.
КВЖД. Год 1945-й... (Окончание)

В. Власенко
За Краем Земли (Окончание)

Последний пар Поднебесной(Продолжение)

Малая казанская набирает ход

М. Антонюк
Гайворонская магистраль. Прошлое. Настоящее. Будущее? (Продолжение)

Питерский Эм

Всё как в жизни


Sergei Pashinin
Railway museums. History. Condition. Activity... and fate
At the moment of the liquidator! of the MPS in 2003 there were 266 railway museums. Those were road museums, branch museums, industrial manufacturing museums that were parts of locomotive and carriage depots, maintenance sections, stations and learning institutions in late 1950s-early 1960s. Unfortunately, after the railway transport reformation began, museums no longer got attention and support from the administration and became a "financial burden of the company".

Russian railways: history told by models
The exhibition "Russian railways: history told by models" took place in the exhibition hall of the Polytechnical museum from October 28 until November 9. As a matter of fact the event turned into a festival of working models where maquettes made by modelists from Rostov-na-Donu, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Moscow were presented.

Valeriy Brock
Celebration in Lykhobory
The following article describes the celebration of the Moscow peripheral railway's 100th anniversary. A memorial was dedicated to the sculptor S. Sherbatov in honor of this event.

Leonid Moskalev The triumph of the TT
Railway model 2008. The 15th exhibition was opened festively on March 22 2008.508 models from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Moscow region, Penza, Orenburg, Nizhegorodskiy region, Latvia and Ukraine were presented. With all the variety of models, the success of the exhibition was guaranteed by the unique style formulated through years. The sad closing day of March 31 came unnoticed. Everything was summarized, winners received their awards.ln an hour only a few participants who hadn't packed their exhibits still remainedin the exhibition hall.

Leonid Svatikov Just a story of my friend...
The author tells us about a wonderful person. The majority of people reading "Zheleznodorozhnoye Delo" are familiar with his outstanding memoirs about the KVZHD. Nikolai Vladimirovich Sedykh traveled from Stalingrad to Berlin, then to China; he worked in Kolyma and Khybiny. And now he's gone...

Nikolai Sedykh Chinese Eastern Railroad. Year of 1945...
The final part of the memoirs written by the veteran railman concludes the description of hidden pages in our railway history.

Vitaly Vlasenko Over the edge of the Earth
A detailed and somehow sad story about a trip to the Far East and the Sakhalin island in 2004..With great deliberation author describes everything he'd managed to see during his journey as well as every adventure a traveler brave enough to undertake such a trip is bound to experience nowadays.

Sergei Pogodin The last steam of the Heavenly Empire
After midday Marcus from Germany and I would often sit on the mountainside west of Lingdun. The ascend towards the Daban is especially steep there, twisting fancifully as if trying to bypass the mountain but breaking through at the last moment, creating a deep hollow in the ridge.

Dmitry Otchik
Malaya Kazanskaya gathers headway
Since August 30 2007 the Lebyazhye municipal forest, one of the most picturesque spots of Kazan, has been filled with the sound of rattling carriage wheels. Two miniature trains have started running the DZHD from the Molodezhnaya station to the Izumrudnaya station. Now the schoolchildren of Kazan have a chance to learn dozens of railway-related subjects that cannot be studied in ordinary schools.

Maksim Antonyuk Gaivoron railroad. The past. The present. The future?
A detailed retelling of the past and the present of the Gaivoron high iron is continued in a punctilious relation of how a rail car with the Zim superstructure appeared on the tracks of this narrow-gauge line It's arrival to the Gaivoron depot was preceeded by a complicated detective story with a wedding, an accident and a trial involved.

Aleksandr Rubtsov St. Petersburg's EM
The author presents a detailed description of the improvement process of the legendary E model, a St. Petersburg model in the HO standard size, the most common locomotive on the planet Earth and one of the main freight locomotives of Soviet railways.

Leonid Moskalev Just like real life
Since 2001 a working maquette used for object lessons has been set in the occupation safety and labour protection lecture hall of the Tosno machine station of the Oktyabrskaya railway. The maquette includes 55 turnouts and 85 meters of tracks, with the overall area of 21 square meters.
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