English Vocabulary in Use. Upper-intermediate (second edition) Michael MacCarthy
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English Vocabulary in Use. Upper-intermediate (second edition)

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English Vocabulary in Use. Upper-intermediate (second edition)
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Артикул: 00003374
Автор: Michael MacCarthy
Издательство: Cambridge University Press (все книги издательства)
Место издания: Cambridge
ISBN: 978-0-521-66435-6
Год: 2010
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Вес: 765 г
Страниц: 310

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English Vocabulary in Use Upper-intermediate is aimed specifically at upper-intermediate level learners. The material has been thoroughly revised following feedback from users of the first edition. The vocabulary presented in this new edition has now been informed by the Cambridge International Corpus of real language to ensure that the vocabulary is current, useful and relevant for learners.

- 100 easy-to-use units: vocabulary items are presented and explained on left-hand pages with a range of practice exercises on right-hand pages.

- Presents and explains new words in context, shows learners how to use them and how to work out rules for using them.

- Contains a comprehensive, learner-friendly answer key.

- Includes a detailed index with phonetic transcriptions to help with the pronunciation of difficult vocabulary.

- Is beautifully illustrated in full colour.

Издание полностью на английском языке.

Using this book
Phonemic symbols

Effective vocabulary learning
1 Learning vocabulary - general advice: What do you need to learn? What does learning a new word mean?
2 Can you learn just by reading or listening to English? How are you going to plan your learning?
3 Learning vocabulary - aids to learning bubble diagram, word fork
4 Organising a vocabulary notebook tree diagram, word-class
5 The names of English language words adjective, syllable, collocation
6 Using your dictionary usage, synonym, pronunciation
7 Revising vocabulary active and receptive vocabulary, fix in your memory
8 Guessing and explaining meaning context, clues, it's a bit like

Word formation
8 Suffixes -er, -or, -ness
9 Prefixes in-, ex-, mis-

10 Roots -spect-, -port-, -vert-
11 Abstract nouns excitement, generosity, wisdom
12 Compound adjectives air-conditioned, off-peak, sugar-free
13 Compound nouns (1) noun + noun baby-sitter, sunglasses, junk mail
14 Compound nouns (2) verb + preposition cutback, turnover, outlook
15 Words from other languages ballerina, yoghurt, judo
16 Abbreviations and acronyms UN, ID, fridge
17 New words in English video jockey, surfing the net, shopaholic

Words and pronunciation
18 Words commonly mispronounced doubt, hiccough, sword
19 Onomatopoeic words clink, tinkle, splash
20 Homonyms wait, weight; row /гаи/ and row /гэи/

Connecting and linking words
21 Time as soon as, while, afterwards
22 Condition unless, provided that, no matter
23 Cause, reason, purpose and result gave rise to, with the aim of
24 Concession and contrast although, admittedly, on the other hand
25 Addition in addition, likewise, as well as
26 Text-referring words situation, aspect, issue
27 Discourse markers in speech well, let me see, hang on
28 Discourse markers in writing firstly, in conclusion

Countables and uncountables
29 Uncountable nouns travel, luggage, knowledge
30 Words that only occur in the plural headquarters, binoculars, scissors
31 Countable and uncountable nouns with different meanings a glass, glass; a hair, hair
32 Collective nouns crowd, flock, range
33 Making uncountable nouns countable a bit of advice, a flash of lightning, some spots of rain
34 Containers and contents a tube of toothpaste, a jar of jam, a box of matches

35 Countries, nationalities and languages Brazil, Japanese, Arabic
36 The weather drought, stifling, chilly
37 Describing people: appearance wavy hair, freckles, plump
38 Describing people: character down-to-earth, broad-minded, eccentric
39 Relationships colleague, acquaintance, to fancy someone
40 At home bungalow, attic, table mat
41 Everyday problems power cut, to leak, stained
42 Global problems to erupt, injured, earthquake
43 Education degree, tutorial, to pass an exam
44 Work union representative, redundant, shift work
45 Sport billiards, high jump, fencing
46 The arts sculpture, novel, performance
47 Music track, hit, backing
48 Food aubergine, spicy, bake
49 The environment island, glacier, polluted
50 Towns art gallery, traffic jam, population
51 The natural world nest, hedgehog, harvest
52 Clothes cardigan, collar, striped
53 Health and medicine sore throat, prescribe, tablets
54 Travel ferry, overtake, supersonic
55 Holidays timeshare, sightseeing, breath-taking
56 Numbers and shapes triangle, sphere, odd and even
57 Science and technology mobile phone, microwave, genetic engineering
58 Computers and the Internet modem, surf the Web
59 The press and the media tabloid, aerial, soap opera
60 Politics and public institutions independence, House of Commons, elect
61 Crime burglary, blackmail, verdict
62 Money - buying, selling and paying earn, current account, overdrawn

Feelings and actions
63 Belief and opinion maintain, point of view, intellectual
64 Pleasant and unpleasant feelings grateful, frustration, worrying
65 Like, dislike and desire adore, loathe, devoted
66 Speaking whisper, grumble, guiltily
67 The six senses glance, fragrant, telepathy
68 What your body does yawn, snore, chew

Basic concepts
69 Number, quantity, degree and intensity considerable, a great deal, dozens of
70 Time for the time being, temporary, to last
71 Distances and dimensions length, faraway, stretch

72 Obligation, need, possibility and probability compulsory, exempt, shortage
73 Sound and light racket, twinkle, sombre
74 Possession, giving and lending estate, property, allocate
75 Movement and speed flutter, crawl, rate
76 Texture, brightness, weight and density prickly, dazzling, hollow
77 Success, failure and difficulty manage, compromise, cope

Idiomatic expressions
78 Idioms and fixed expressions - general under the weather, to have seen better days
79 Everyday expressions come to think of it, that's that, as far as I'm concerned
80 Similes as good as gold, like a red rag to a bull
81 Binomials rough and ready, peace and quiet, sooner or later
82 Idioms describing people quick off the mark, round the bend, a lazy-bones
83 Idioms describing feelings or mood in high spirits, in a black mood, scared stiff
84 Idioms describing problematic situations to take a back seat, the tide has turned, to bury the hatchet
85 Idioms connected with praise and criticism knock spots off, on the ball, pick holes in
86 Idioms connected with using language talk shop, a talking-point, long-winded
87 Miscellaneous idioms to pay through the nose, to have something on the brain
88 Proverbs Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Phrasal verbs and verb-based expressions
89 Expressions with do and make do housework, do up, make a mistake, make up
90 Expressions with bring and take bring down, bring to light, take after, take for granted
91 Expressions with get get by, get out of bed on the wrong side
92 Expressions with set and put set off, set one's heart on, put up with, put two and two together
93 Expressions with come and go come across, come to an end, go off, as far as it goes
94 Miscellaneous expressions run out of, see your way to, break someone's heart

Varieties of English
95 Formal and informal words (1) offspring, children, kids
96 Formal and informal words (2) -slang, wally, cool
97 US English semester, panty-hose, wash up
98 Other Englishes loch, Aussie, pad
99 Headline English axe, hit, vow
100 The language of signs and notices refrain, admission

Answer key
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