Let me tell you all about Russia

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  • Артикул:00808360
  • Автор: Virginia Evans и др.
  • ISBN: 5-93390-757-Х
  • Обложка: Мягкая обложка
  • Издательство: Express Publishing (все книги издательства)
  • Город: London
  • Страниц: 128
  • Год: 2005
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Most modern approaches to teaching foreign languages stress the need for cultural awareness to be an integral part of language study.

Unfortunately, available teaching materials tend to focus exclusively on the culture of the language being learned, and neglect the learners’ native culture.
Courses teaching English may contain information about a range of cultures, but these are likely to be the cultures of English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
This information is certainly important, and students show great interest in it. However, true cultural awareness involves seeing one’s own society and culture in relation to others, rather than simply learning about other cultures.

In addition, if Russian students are to exchange cultural information with friends and acquaintances around the world, they need to be able to explain their own culture in English, the international language. To do this, they need to practise discussing – in English – such topics as Russian traditions, history, politics and so on. Russian teachers and students of English therefore have a need for reliable course materials which deal with cultural, historical, geographical and other aspects of life in our country. Let me tell you all about Russia is designed to meet this need. Based on Russian learners’ native culture, it is the first social and cultural guide to Russia for learners of English.

The book meets all the requirements of state educational standards and foreign language courses in schools. It is designed for students of 12 years old and above, and contains 17 units covering a wide range of topics. Every unit includes material at different levels of difficulty, so that it can be used with students at a range of different stages. The level of each item is indicated in the contents as follows: late beginner; elementary; pre-intermediate; intermediate Its methodical system of original, meaningful tasks helps to develop students’ listening, reading and speaking skills. The book is accompanied by a set of four audio cassettes, containing recordings of the texts, all read by authentic native speakers. The book incorporates a crosscurricular approach, so students can draw on their knowledge of geography, biology, history, literature and other subjects. The book was piloted for a full year in schools in Moscow and St Petersburg, and received the unqualified approval of all teachers who used it.

1 Geography
1a Russia, the Largest Country in the World
1b Russian Discoveries
1 So Many Years Without Russia
1d A Trip to the Geyser Valley
1e The Snow Kingdom - Novosibirsk
1f An Unusual Pet - Barsik the Cat

2 History
2a Rus and Russia
2b The Story of Moscow
2c The History of GUM
2d Volgograd

3 Folklore
3a Matryoshka
3b Russian Crafts
3c Russian National Costume

4 Politics
4a Political Map of the Russian Federation
4b National Symbols
4c Welcome to Bashkortostan
4d The Commonwealth of Independent States
4e We Are Russian
4f Lost in the Taiga for 50 Years
4g Diary of a Hostage

5 Famous People
5a Famous Russian Faces
5b Fyodor Dostoevsky
5c Peter the Great - Emperor of Russia
5d The Gatherer of Russian Lands
5e Russian Hannibal
5f Saint Romanov's Day

6 Special Days and Festivals
6a The Great October Revolution
6b Victory Day
6c Women's Day
6d A Night Full of Magic
6e Sabantui
6f A Week of Food and Fun
6g The Old New Year

7 Lifestyle and Hobbies
7a Where Do We Live?
7b My Guest
7c Russian Indian Game
7d Play but Never Gamble
7e Russian Television
7f Fishing on the Volga
7g Circus
7h How About a Steam Bath?

8 Food
8a Russian Cuisine
8b Sit Down to Tea
8c Russian Sweets
8d Come for Pancakes!
8e Quiet Hunting
8f We Are What We Eat

9 Keeping Fit and Sports
9a Russian Cures
9b Russian Home Remedies
9c Sport Celebrities
9d I'm Very Patriotic
9e Alexander Alekhine

10 Transport
10a Kazanskii Railway Station
10b Trans-Siberian Express
10c The Golden Ring
l0d The Moscow Metro

11 Holidays
11la A Holiday in Taiga
11b Dear Diary
11c "Baby Eagle" Summer Camp
11d Text Messaging
11e Kizhi - A Wooden World

12 Places to Visit
12a The Heart of Moscow
12b The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
12c A Visit to Arbat
12d The Father of Russian Cities
12e The Sphinxes of St Petersburg
12f The Capital of Fountains
12g Not Forever Amber

13 Arts and Literature
13a A Treasure House of Russian Art
13b I Don't Believe it
13c Mighty Handful ... and More
13d Ballet Brought Back to Paris
13e A Monument not Built by Hand

14 Education
14a A Day in the Life of
14b School Days
14c Russian State Schools
14d I'm Going To Be
14e My Granny's Pioneer Camp

15 Language
15a Russian Sayings
15b Russian Jokes
15c Oh! Russian My English
15d How Do they Know?
15e Once Upon a Time

16 Science and Technology
16a Ivan Pavlov
16b Russian Nobel Prize Winners
16c The Periodic Table
16d The Clever Russians
16e Out of This World
16f MAKS Air Show
16g A Facelift for Aeroflot
16h Tower Parade
16i Russia's Black Gold

17 Ecology
17a Bear Hunting in the Taiga
17b Black Vultures
17c Chernobyl
17d Forest Fires
17e A Very Special Police Officer
17f Karmadon Gorge

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