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  • Артикул:00809802
  • Город: Польша
  • Год: 2006
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The Dragon was one of eight ships of the "D" class of British cruiser. They were a development of highly successful "C" class, with armament increased by one 6-inch gun and twin torpedo tubes substituted by triple mountings. Their armament as completed comprised 6-6", 2-3", 2-2pdr. and 12-21" torpedo tubes. In addition to the eight completed ships (Dragon, Danae, Dauntless, Delhi, Despatch, Diomede, Durban and Dunedin) further four {Dryad, Daedalus, Daring and Desperate) were cancelled after First World War.

The Dragon was began on 24 January 1917 in the Scott's Shipbuilding & Engineering Co.
Ltd., Greenock, She was launched on 29 December 1917 and completed on 16 August 1918. Dragon and Dauntless were fitted with a clumsy hangar below the command post. Dragon entered service with the 5th Light Cruiser Squadron in Harwich. In October and November 1919 she fouhgt - together with Dauntless on the Baltic. Then she joined the 1 Light Cruiser Squadron (Atlantic Fleet), until 1925. In 1923 she made a voyage around the world, together with Hood, Repulse and 3 other "D" class cruiser. Then she served with 1 Cruiser Squadron on the Mediterranean, though in 1927 she was in the Chinese waters. During a 1928 refit the hangar was dismantled. Later the Dragon served in the West Indies (in 8 CS) until 1937, when she was sent to Chatham for reserve. In 1938 she became a training ship in Nore. As the war was approaching, she was reactivated and served in the 7 CS in the Norther Patrol. In 1940 she operated on the South Atlantic, Mediterranean and the Indian

Ocean. On 16 September 1940 she intercepted a French merchant ship Touareg off Africa, while a week later she took part in the British attack on Dakar. The she operated from Freetown, taking part in the search for the German Admiral Scheer. By the end of 1941 she served with 5 CS on the Far East, escorting convoys from

Singapore and later oo west Java.
In May 1942 she screened the Allied troops landing on Madagascar. In May 1942 she began refit, first in Capetown, and since December 1942 in Liverpool. By that time the Admiralty decided to transfer the Dragon to the Polish Navy in exile. She was transferred on 15 January 1943 and reained her previous name. The refit was completed in August 1943 and Dragon began the work-up in Scapa Flow, until October. Further repairs were carried out until January 1944 and in February the Dragon screened the JW.57/RA.57 Arctic convoy. In March 1944 Dragon joined th 10 CS and began the invasion traing. In April and May 1944 she had her A A armament augmented during another refit in Chatham. In June 1944 Dragon shelled the enemy positions in the "Sword" area. On 8 July Dragon was hit by a German torpedo fired by a "Neger" midget submarine. 36 men died and the ship was scuttled as an additional hull in the "Gooseberry" artiifcial harbour.

Few weeks later Polish Navy approached the RN with a request for another cruiser. Shortly afterwards Dragon's sistership, the Danae was transferred to the Polish Navy and renamed Conrad.

The submarine S.25 (SS.130) was laid down on 26 October 1918 in the Fore River Shipbuilding Corp. in Quincy, Massachusets, Launched on 29 May 1920, she was completed on 9 July 1922. She served on the Atlantic, Car-ribean and off Hawai Islands. In the beginning of 1940 she became an experimental and training ship on the US east coast. Since May 1941 she was preparing for transferring to Royal Navy under "Lend-Lease".
She was transferred on 4 November 1941 to the Polish Navy and renamed Jastrzqb (Hawk), receiving British pennant number

P.551. In December 1941 she joined 3rd Submarine Flotilla in Hoily Loch for work-up; then she was in 6th SF in Blyth. In March 1942 she returned to 3rd SF and on 24 April she left Lerwick as one of submarines screening the PQ.15 Arctic convoy. She proceeded to the sector in bad weather and finally she found herself 30 miles north of her sector. At the same time the route of the PQ.15 convoy was moved to the south; the Allied submarines did not receive any notice about the letter change. On 2 May 1942 the Jastrzqb was sunk in error in position 71°30'N 12°32E by Norwegian destroyer St.Albans and British minesweeper Seagull. 5 men from Jastrzqb crew were lost.


On the 9 December 1939 the British submarine Urchin (P.39) of the "U" class was began in the Vickers-Armstrong yard in Barrow. She was launched on 30 September 1940. On 19 January 1941 she as handed over to the Polish Navy as Sokol (=Falcon, N.97) and a week later she was completed. After work-up in 3rd and 9th Submarine Flotilla she joined the 5th SF in Portsmouth. Five patrols in the Biscays were uneventful, though she reported
attacking a German blockade runner off Brest in July 1941. In September 1941 Sokol was transferred to the Meditarranean and there joined the 10th SF. During seven patrols in the Mediterranean Sokol damaged an Italian auxilliary cruiser Citta di Palermo (28.10.41) and sank a transport Balilla (2469 BRT, 2.11.41) and a sailing ship Giu-seppina (392 BRT, 12.02.42). In March 1942 she was heavily damaged during air raids on Malta and in April she went to Gibraltar and later to UK. The repairs were completed in November 1942 and in December 1942 Sokdl carried out two patrols off Norway.

In April 1943 Sokdl again joined the 10th SF in Mediterranean. During five patrols she sank a transport Eridania (7095 BRT, 7.10.43). In September 1943 she supervised from Brindisi to Ta-rando 6 Italian transports and 2 submarines which surrendered to the Allies. Then she was transferred to the 1st SF in Beirut. During four patrols in the Aegean she sank a siling ship Argentina (64 BRT, 11.11.43) and possibily 13 further sailing boats. In April 1944 she
returned to UK. In September 1944, after the refit she again joined 9th SF. Until mid-March 1945 Sokdl served ad a training boat, though in November and December 1944 she carried out two patrols off Norway. After further repairs (March to June 1945) she was again used as a training boat

In July 1945 Sokdl was put in reserve in Dundee. On 3 August 1946, in Lisahally she was returned to Royal Navy, receiving the name P.97. In December 1948 she was in reserve and later she was sold. In September 1949 she was broken up by Dorkin, Gateshead.

After the loss of Jastrzqb the Polish Navy had another submarine transferred - the P.52 of "U" class, building since 30 December 1941in Vickers - Armstrong in Barrow. On 11 October 1942 she was launched and transferred to Polish Navy as Dzik (= Boar). She entered service on 12 December 1942 in the 2nd Submarine Flotilla, for work-up. Then in 9th SF; she carried out one patrol. In March 1943 she wastransferred to the Mediterranean
to the 10th SF. Since October 1944 she operated with 1st SF from Beirut on the Aegean. During 10 patrols she damaged a tanker Ca-naro (24.05.43), sank a transport Nicolaus (6793 BRT, 20.09.43)

and probably 3 sailing boats and a number of Siebel ferries. In March 1944 she went to Gibraltar, and in April to UK. She served as a training boat with 7th SF in Londonderry, until repairs in August in Dundee. Then she returned to training duties. After the war Dzik was in reserve in Dundee. On 1 August 1946 she was returned to Royal Navy in Portsmouth. She reverted to her previous name - P.52. In August 1946 she was lend to Denmark and renamed U-l, then Spriengeren. Returned to Royal Navy in November 1957, she was broken up in Faslane in August 1958.
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