New Cutting Edge Intermediate. Workbook+ key Jane Comins Carr
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New Cutting Edge Intermediate. Workbook+ key

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New Cutting Edge Intermediate. Workbook+ key
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Артикул: 00207311
Автор: Jane Comins Carr
Издательство: Longman (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-0-582-82520-8
Год: 2010
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Вес: 270 г
Страниц: 112

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New Cutting Edge combines the comprehensive syllabus and reliable teaching resources that have made the course so popular with brand-new features, making it even fresher and easier to use.

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Workbook consolidates and extends the language taught in the Students' Book.
Grammar exercises give students useful practice and build confidence
Vocabulary boosters and Wordspots build on the lexical areas covered in the Students' Book
Improve your writing and Listen and read sections develop skills
Pronunciation sections focus on the sounds and the features of natural speech

Grammar terms Using a dictionary

Module 1
Making questions: Word order be, have and do in questions
Short answers
Question tags
Classroom questions
Vocabulary: How you spend your time
Vocabulary booster: Hobbies
Vocabulary: People around you
Pronunciation: The letter's'
Listen and read: Ordinary heroes
Present simple
Spelling: The -ing form
Present continuous
Present simple or continuous
Wordspot: have and have got
Improve your writing: Responding to news

Module 2
Past simple
Spelling: Past simple forms
Pronunciation: Syllable stress in Past simple forms
Past continuous
Past simple or continuous
Improve your writing: Using when, while, during and for in stories
Listen and read: I used to believe used to
Vocabulary booster: School/University subjects Vocabulary: Verb + noun combinations Vocabulary: Remembering and forgetting Real life and pronunciation: Short questions to show interest

Module 3
Comparatives and superlatives
Vocabulary booster: Geographical features
Different phrases for comparing
Pronunciation: /6/ and /6/
Vocabulary: Describing towns and cities
Punctuation: Capital letters
Listen and read: Unusual holidays
Improve your writing: Postcards

Module 4
Vocabulary: Word building
Present perfect simple
Present perfect simple and Past simple
Time words with the Present perfect
Vocabulary: Describing life events
for, since and ago and Present perfect continuous
Vocabulary booster: Describing people
Pronunciation: lil, /ai/ and /ei/
Listen and read: Johnny Depp
Wordspot: take
Improve your writing: Punctuation: commas

Module 5
Vocabulary: Prepositions Vocabulary: Nouns and adjectives will and won't going to
Present continuous for future arrangements
Other ways of talking about the future
Pronunciation: Ы and /эи/
Vocabulary booster: Jobs
Vocabulary: Work
Listen and read: Unusual lifestyles
Future clauses with if, when, etc.
Punctuation: Apostrophes
Improve your writing: A letter of reference
Real life: A formal telephone call

Module 6
Vocabulary: TV and radio -ed/-ing adjectives Prepositions after adjectives Passives
Active or passive
Pronunciation: Verbs often used in the passive Vocabulary: Extreme adjectives Vocabulary booster: Entertainment Listen and read: Customer reviews Improve your writing: Checking for mistakes

Module 7
Vocabulary: Going out
Vocabulary booster: Food and cooking
Polite requests
will for offers and instant decisions will or going to Vocabulary: Social behaviour Pronunciation: Lost letters Listen and read: Culture clash Making generalisations Wordspot: go
Improve your writing: Sending and replying to invitations by e-mail

Module 8
Vocabulary: Technology Defining relative clauses
Vocabulary: People, places, jobs, everyday objects, machines and technology Vocabulary: How machines work Quantifiers
Vocabulary: Describing everyday objects
Listen and read: eBay
Pronunciation: /3/, /[/, /03/ and /tJ7
Improve your writing: Formal and informal styles

Module 9
Vocabulary: Prepositions Making predictions with will/won't likely to may well
Different ways of making predictions Vocabulary: Society and change Hypothetical possibilities with if Real and hypothetical possibilities with if If sentences in social situations Wordspot: make
Listen and read: Stuck on a desert island?
Real life: Saying numbers
Pronunciation: /л/
Vocabulary booster: Money
Improve your writing: Opening a bank account

Module 10
Vocabulary: Types of story
Listen and read: The world's funniest jokes
Pronunciation: Sentence stress
Past perfect
Past perfect or Past simple
Present perfect or Past perfect
Vocabulary booster: Criminals and crimes
Vocabulary: Language of the law
Reported speech
Reported questions
Wordspot: say and tell
Vocabulary: Adverbs for telling stories
Improve your writing: Checking for mistakes

Module 11
Obligation and permission Short answers Vocabulary: Rules
Obligation and permission in the past
must and have to
Vocabulary: Expressing opinions
Vocabulary booster: Accidents, injuries and illnesses
Listen and read: Children sue parents
Improve your writing: Linking words
Wordspot: do
Pronunciation: Compound nouns

Module 12
could have should have would have
could have I should have I would have
Vocabulary: Collocations
Imaginary situations in the past with if
Vocabulary: Problems and solutions
Improve your writing: A letter to sort out a problem
Vocabulary booster: Love and relationships
Pronunciation: Difficult words
Wordspot: think
Listen and read: The greatest romantic films of all time?
Real life: Starting and finishing conversations Answer key
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