To the top 1. Student's book Mitchell H.Q.
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To the top 1. Student's book

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Артикул: 00-01020673
Автор: Mitchell H.Q.
Издательство: MM Publications (все книги издательства)
Место издания: UK
ISBN: 9789603798484
Год: 2005
Формат: А4
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Вес: 420 г
Страниц: 136

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To the top 1 is an exciting English course for students at Beginner level.
It follows the requirements of the of Reference.
• Five lessons and a revision section in each module
• Lively dialogues
• Motivating and contemporary topics with and information
• Systematic development of all four skills
• A step-by-step guide to writing
• A variety of communicative tasks
• Clear grammar presentations and practice
• Culture pages
• Songs


Module 1. School days
la Students from around the world
lb First day at school
lc What’s your favourite subject?
Id What’s the time?
1 Top Skills
School sports
Module 2. People
2a My family
2b Famous people
2c My things
2d People and animals
2 Top Skills
My best friend
Culture page 1: UK...USA
Song 1: Best Friends
Module 3. Time out
3a After school
3b Do you go to the cinema?
3c Do you enjoy listening to music?
3d Daily routines
3 Top Skills
In my free time
Module 4. Places
4a Moving house
4b My neighbourhood
4c Fun places
4d See the sights
4 Top Skills
Homes and houses
Culture page 2: Hanging out at the mall
Song 2: It’s my life
Module 5. Food
5a Are you hungry?
5b Can I take your order?
5c How much water do you drink?
5d It’s delicious!
5 Top Skills
Eating habits
Module 6. Celebrations
6a When's your birthday?
6b Boo! It’s Halloween!
6c Special Days
6d Let’s have fun
6 Top Skills What’s the weather like?
Culture page 3: May Day and Halloween
Song 3: Come on, get ready
Module 7.
7a Out and about
7b A picnic in the park
7c What happened?
7d Now and then
7 Top Skills
A camping trip
Module 8. Our world
8a A trip around Europe
8b Project Asia
8c Visiting Oceania
8d North and South America
8 Top Skills Around Africa
Culture page 4: Scotland
Song 4: Around the globe
Speaking Section - Pairwork Activities
Grammar Reference
Word List
Irregular Verbs
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