Журнал "Железнодорожное дело" № 2(48) 2005

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Эта публикация завершает рассказ о строительных машинах на железнодорожном ходу. На сей раз читатель познакомится с некоторыми монтажными кранами, выпускавшимися с 1950-х годов — с историей их создания, производства, развития конструкции.

На 4-й странице обложки номера приведены две архивные фотографии начала ХХ века, любезно предоставленные известным любителем из Праги И. Индрой.

Они иллюстрируют железнодорожные экскаваторы Путиловского завода, описанные в первой части материала, опубликованной в нашем альманахе №46.

Три паровоза и одна девушка

Новый пассажирский электровоз ЭП2К

А. Иоффе
Строительные профессии
железнодорожной техники (Окончание)

Л. Макаров

А. Никольский
О старом вагоне (Окончание)

С. Кривое, В. Свириденков

Л. Смирнов
"Красные жуки" Болгарии

Е. Щеглова

Н. Седых
КВЖД, год 1945-й... (Продолжение)

Л. Сватиков
60 лет "Победе"

П. Кашин
Бурлаки на... Каме

Л. Москалев
Самый миниатюрный промышленный типоразмер современности

Vladislava Kalinina Three Steam Locomotives and One Girl
This report dedicated to a young girl amateur of the steam locomotives, who is sharing her impressions of her first distant trip "after the steam." It was a running of three steam locomotives in Roslavl, the town near Smolensk, right before the WWII sixtieth victory anniversary celebration. During the two days, the group of the Moscow amateurs - some by train, some by car has been traveling together with the steam locomotives along the beautiful landscapes, taking pictures of the ancient locomotives with the picturesque nature in the background"!

New russuan passenger electric locomotive EP2K Alexander loffe The Construction Professions of the Railroad Machines (the ending)
This publication finishes the story about the construction machines with the railway wheeling. This time the reader can find out about some creeper cranes, which have not made since 1950, with the history of their creation, production, ana construction development. In the last page of the cover, you can see two-archive pictures that was taken at the beginning of the twentieth century, which were so kindly given to us by I. Ingdra - one famous amateur from Prague. They illustrate some railroad excavators made in the Putilovsky plant, described in the previous publication (# 2 (46), 2004).

Leonid Makarov
These are the children's memoirs of a well-known Moscow railway amateur, dedicated to his trip with parents to Crimea to the sea in the summer of 1968. Back then the steam locomotives reigned in the South of USSR.

Alexander Nikolskiy About the Old Car (the ending)
One of the true coryphaeus of the amateur's movement in Russia meditates on the role of the wooden cars in the history of our country in the past hundred years. The evolution of its construction; the comfort, thoughtfulness and longevity of it is also discussed here. Various photos and drafts made by the author clearly illustrate this interesting and competent material, presented as an essay. The last page of the almanac is dedicated to the elite of the "old cars" - the deluxe-cars and the saloon-cars. Some nice color photos, one of which taken in 1952 gives a good explanation about these "railway aristocrats,*)

Sergey Krivov, Proletarsk-Sulukta Vladimir Sviridenkov
The reader can find an interesting story about the unique railroad in the former Soviet Union. It is an electric narrow-gauge road (750 mm}, located high up in the mountains on the boundary between Tadjikistan and Kirqizstan. It is used to transport coal and sand. In the 1980s there was a special two-sectional narrow-gauge electric locomotive made. The authors of the article made a long difficult trip to get to that area. They have ridden the railroad, have found the locomotive (not operating anymore), and have seen some other interesting machines. At the same time, they have studied the history of this unique and pictorial road.

Leonid Smirnov
The "Red Bugs" of Bulgaria
The author has given this name to the Czech electric locomotives - the main locomotives on the local railroads. Being on vacation on the beach our Moscow journalist and a great amateur of the railroads could not leave the transport system of their country without attention. He explored the tram in Sofia, and found out thai it has two different gauges - 1435 mm and 1000 mm. He researched the Varnenskoe locomotive depot and found out that they have Soviet and Romanian diesel locomotives, Czech electric locomotives, Riga electric trains and two small local steam locomotives, ready to depart to the museum Besides Varnenskoe locomotive depot, he visited the railroad museum in Rusa, had an opportunity to try the local beer, food, enjoy the great views of the Southern Europe country, and appreciate the Bulgarian women.

Elena Scheglova
My Grandfather
The translator of our almanac, a beautiful young woman has written an article that with honor tells about her grandfather - a veteran of World War II, our constant writer - N.V. Sedykh. This respected man has seen a lot of trouble in his life. He is the son of victimized (repressed) parents, and a graduate of the orphanage. He was a teenager when he faced the war and worked on the steam locomotive at the pre-front locations. After WWII, he was on the China Eastern Railroad. The time has Teft a great impacl and many impressions on his soul. He is a very creative person: different editions have published his memoirs, which he still writes despite his declining years. Besides this, Nikolay Sedykh is an authority for many generations of the railroad amateurs.

Nikolay Sedykh
China Eastern Railroad 1945 (continuation)
Here you can read the article written by the author mentioned above. We continue his publication of memoirs about the work of a Russian locomotive crew in China at the end of the WWII. The writing does not focus only on the railroad life; it also reflects the Chinese lifestyle, rather untypical for the Soviet man of the middle of the twentieth century. We read aboul the bright events, images, and occurrences that have happened lo our men on the foreign land. There is one very interesting episode in this section: the author shares a testimony of some Old Russian immigrants, the veterans of the China Eastern Railroad, which he luckily met, and about the migration of many people from Central Russia to Siberia for the great road" construction.

Leonid Svatikov
60 Years of the "Victory"
This article tells about the founder of one of the mass series of the Soviet steam locomotives - L, "Lebedyanka" - the P-0001 locomotive. It was made in a Kolomensky machine factory in September of 1945, and was immediately named Victory. Several years later this series was renamed after its creator - constructor Lev Lebedyansky. but the steam train itself kept the original title. Now it is in an exhibit at the Railroad Machines Museum in Moscow. They have researched the construction peculiarities of this experimental model in comparison to the series ones. They have compared the outward of the old and the new locomotives; and have studied the history of this steam locomotive from the factory to museum times. The author has used some rare books and based on his own experience, observations, and data from his personal archive.

Pavel Kashin
The Barge Haulers on... Kama
The heading is a rephrase of the famous drawing The Barge Haulers on Volga by the well-known Russian artist I. Repin. The article is not about the barge haulers, but the railroad haulers. In the mid 1950s in Novocherkassk some special electric locomotives with this name were created. They were to carry the timber rafting through the sluices of KamGES (hydroelectric power station) at the Kama River near Perm, Urals. There were eighteen of these machines made. The author decided to find out about the future destiny of those unique locomotives. They all appear to be present; some of them are still working for over 50 years! The material contains photos of various time periods made by different people

Leonid Moskalev
The most Miniature Industrial dimension-type in contemporaneity
The concludinq article in our issue is traditionally orientated for the modeler-readers. It talks about the smallest series models - the Z dimension type. In 1972 in Nuernberg, a German firm, called Marklin became a sensation, presenting the smallest railroad model in 1:220 sizes with a gauge of 6.5 mm! Since then this size has became very popular all over the world and found many fans. L. Moskalev, a famous Russian modeler is not the exception here. He created the teaching material of this size for one office in the Metallostroy motorcar depot, in the St. Petersburg area. In the article, the artist tells about the creation of his work and shares some secrets of his craft with the tiny details.

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